My name is Paul and I am from England but now live in Sicily thanks to my work with Online Marketing.

This is me in the photo on the right, together with the most beautiful Sicilian Woman and we have a two small dogs and live in the middle of nowhere where we both love to be..

When I am not working on my online business I love spending time fiddling about with my trees, walking the dogs and generally idling about!

After suffering a serious heart attack before I was 40 – thanks to the pressures of owning a large printing company – I decided to start learning how make money online because I wasn’t physically capable of having a ‘normal’ job anymore.

So I tried every method out there. I have built and sold sites. I have had a dropshipping site, Graphic design sites and anything else that I could think of that I could do online.

I made money selling sites, blogging, CPA marketing, Clickbank Selling and just about everything in between that you can possibly think of.

So if you are looking for a start or a way to finally begin to live your dream of making money online then you have come to the right place!

If you have any questions then feel free to leave a comment and I will always get back to you.

To Your Success,